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Are seat covers really necessary?

A common question is whether a seat cover is really a necessity.


If you're using a "beater car", it probably isn't worthwhile unless you have holes, rips, or wear you're hoping to cover up. In this case, choosing between a variety of fabrics is usually fine.

If you own or are leasing a personal vehicle, a seat cover may be a wise choice. Spills and accidents happen, and interior stains can decrease the value of your vehicle. If you're looking to protect your seats, ask about our leatherette seat covers in particular. Leatherette provides an excellent barrier against spills, and is durable enough to keep wear and tear from the seat itself.

If you're using a vehicle for business purposes - especially in the construction industry, a seat cover is almost always a wise choice. We strongly recommend our leatherette seat covers in these cases for both the durability and protection they offer. Dirt, mud, and spills (depending on the occupation) tend to soak into most factory seating and are either costly or near-impossible to clean. These tend to wash off of leatherette seat covers relatively quite well. Finally, in cases where workers are extremely hard on vehicle seats, a seat cover is much cheaper to replace down the line than a seat.

Our leatherette seat covers last a long time - long enough that if you manage to wear through one, the seat below would have normally been destroyed without it.

For those looking for non-leatherette certain fabrics such as valour, we do offer them, but keep in mind that they only help improve the appearance and are subject to wear and stains more easily.